We all desire to live in comfortable environments—a place with easy access to social amenities, affordable housing, and a sound transportation system. Bellevue is an ideal place if you are planning to move to Washington. It’s located a few minutes from Seattle city in Eastern King county. Initially, people overlooked staying here due to its proximity to Seattle. However, this has changed recently, and Washington residents and commuters from the surrounding places are flocking the city. Various reasons attract people to move here, the excellent quality of life, a strong economy, and nearness to social amenities. Below is a compilation of everything we need to know before relocating to Bellevue, WA.

The Cost of Living

The total monthly expenditure we are likely to incur depends on the cost of housing, food, healthcare, transportation and miscellaneous goods and services. Also, the composition of our families, married or single, affects the living cost. Bellevue’s overall cost of living is 64 percent higher than the national average. It’s also higher than in the surrounding neighborhood. This is due to the closeness to the world’s tech companies with healthy economies. In addition, the standard of living is higher due to the high demand for quality housing facilities. The value of an average home in this city is $376,000.
Healthcare is accessible and quite affordable. Affordability is measured by the ability to pay for medical insurance and coverage. It also includes out-of-pocket expenses we need to pay for when receiving treatment. Fuel consumption also contributes to living standards. Fortunately, the price of gas in Washington and the nearby gas stations is relatively low.

Employment Opportunities

Bellevue is currently developing its local economy, resulting in job opportunities. There are tons of vacancies that employers want to fill. Several major corporations have their branches or headquarters in Bellevue. The industries include Amazon, among other leading employers with over a million employees worldwide. Other significant organizations based here include Wells Fargo, Microsoft, and Delloite.
Other jobs in high demand in Bellevue include program managers and sales representatives. Registered nurses also work in the rapidly growing health care system. There will also be job vacancies in essential areas like law enforcement and public safety, education, food production, and agriculture.

Means of Transport

The city offers various means of transport depending on one’s preference. Regular residents use a public transit system with three options, the Metro, Sound, and the King County Metro Vanpool Program. These buses are punctual and very clean with great drivers. In addition, Washington is currently building routes linking Bellevue to the neighboring areas.
However, residents who desire more convenience in transportation own private cars. Personal vehicles have some status and provide an opportunity for control and autonomy. Other citizens prefer rideshares or cycling, especially if they need some cardio or aerobic exercise. Those who move for short distances may decide to walk since there are safe pedestrian sidewalks.

Schools and Education System

Our kids must join a school after relocating to a new region. Luckily, there are many options for private and public schools. Regardless of their age or educational needs, students will always find an educational program that meets their needs. For instance, the Bellevue School District accommodates several public institutions, elementary, middle, and high schools. All the institutions in this region are funded and run by the Bellevue School District to oversee the teaching of the curriculum.
Unlike the traditional public schools, the institutions in this district focus on environmental studies and innovation. They also teach languages like Spanish and Chinese. Students interested in covering post-secondary education are sorted. It’s because Bellevue is a few kilometers from Washington’s major institutions of higher learning, like Northwest University and Washington State University. We also have private schools for parents who want flexibility and programs tailored to meet their students’ needs. The board of schools does not manage private institutions. Therefore, they have got the freedom to design curriculums that suit their students’ needs.

Bellevue Climate

The city experiences a mild ocean climate thanks to its location near the Pacific coast. The summers are short, dry, warm, and partly cloudy in a typical year. Winters are wet, icy, and mostly cloudy. Temperatures vary between 370F to 790F. Rarely do they go below 270F or rise above 880 F, thus making it conducive for living. Rainfall is frequent from fall to early spring, from October to May. During this time, we experience frequent downpours and low humidity levels. Despite the frequent rains, Bellevue rarely experiences snow. Research shows an average of 5 inches of snowfall per year. Wind speed varies throughout the year, with December being the windiest month. July is the calmest month, during which the wind blows at 2.8 miles per hour. Bellevue has started a climate change challenge that aims at reducing greenhouse emissions. They’re advocating for safer living methods to reduce carbon print in the atmosphere.

Popular Things To Do in Bellevue

There are numerous astonishing sites where residents relax and unwind. Moreover, they are a source of revenue that helps boost the economy. Find out the major attractions and the fun activities people enjoy in this city.

Embark on Zip Lining

People enjoy zip lining, with lines up to 458 meters and 80 feet above the ground. This gives tourists an excellent aerial view of the canopy and the surrounding landscape. It is ideal for individuals who want to overcome their fear of heights.

Bellevue Arts Museum

BAM occupies the Northwest center. Here families can enjoy various craft, art, and design exhibitions done by local and international artists. The location also offers educational workshops for children, teens, as well as adults—guides direct visitors around.

Mount Baker Snoqualmie Forest

Individuals shouldn’t miss this astonishing forest. It has so much to offer, including trails suitable for every hiker. In addition, people enjoy wildlife watching and scenic drives as they explore different parts of the region. Other popular activities here include biking and river rafting.

Bellevue Downtown Park

It’s a stunning venue for bigger gatherings. Individuals walk and chat along the parks during the day. In the evening, they enjoy impressive fireworks as they relax. People also love being near the mini lake with a waterfall. Major hotels are located near the park to provide meals and accommodation.

Kelsey Creek Park and Farm

It’s a 150-acre firm with various animals like sheep, pigs, and goats. The animals are mainly used for viewing and educational purposes. Additionally, there are deep forests and meadows with great hiking trails where families have a fun-filled afternoon.

Larsen Lake Blueberry Farm

Here, we get an opportunity to pick berries straight from the farm. Berries are available from July to December, depending on the weather. We also get seasonal fruits and vegetables from the plantation. Tourists shouldn’t be worried about the mode of payment since cash and credit cards are accepted.

Meydenbauer Center

It’s a 410-seat theater hosting significant events such as music concerts and dance performances. Individuals also enjoy the movies and documentaries that show in the theater. They have a website explaining how to purchase the tickets and a schedule of film showings. Different cultural organizations also host art and education programs.

Whale Watching

Due to the inland location of Bellevue, it’s challenging to see these mammals. Fortunately, there are viewpoints within a short distance. Individuals go to Seattle for a great view. They can also take a boat tour to watch the mammals. The best time for whale watching is during summer.

Bellevue Golf Course

Golfers can enjoy this open course, which has 18 holes. Aside from it being closer to town, the rates here are pocket-friendly. Moreover, it’s well-maintained with lush green vegetation, which makes it appealing. The Crossroads-par3 course is just nearby on the east side. It is suitable for a quick golfing outing for novice as well as experienced players.

Lake Sammamish

Although smaller than the surrounding pacific waters, this lake offers numerous recreational activities to the residents. The eastern shore is good for swimming. Other popular things that people enjoy are waterslides and diving boards.

Newcastle Beach Park

Despite being further away from other attractions, it’s ideal for a picnic in the evening. Families enjoy barbecuing by the park as they bond. It also provides an excellent opportunity to relax by the shore in the evening.

Mt Rainier National Park

The nearby mountain is usually visible on clear days. From the city, individuals can access the iconic park surrounding Mt. Rainier. Residents enjoy camping here since the area has numerous campgrounds. The weather is conducive for overnight adventures.

Mox Boarding House

It’s the best spot for gamers. The typical games are the classic boards and other inter-role playing scenarios. We also sell homemade meals and cocktails to gamers as they play. There is adequate space. Thus individuals can come over with friends and peers.

The Crossroads

Ten minutes’ drive from the city is the Crossroads shopping center. It’s a dining and entertainment destination with unique shops where people enjoy international foods from the eateries. There are also weekly live performances.

The Stone Gardens

Located in the Crossroads mall is the climbers’ gym. It’s a climbing gym where individuals exercise early in the morning. Others exercise in the evening after shopping in the mall.

Old Bellevue

Right across Bellevue Square is the Old Bellevue. It is a small commercial and dining spot where people go for a fantastic time. There is a pastry shop that has incredible chocolates for those who have a sweet tooth. Individuals also enjoy a glass of wine at Hedge and Vine. The eateries here also serve Vietnamese dishes.

Upscale Restaurants

There are several upscale restaurants for people who want a high-end dining experience. They are suitable for families and couples on romantic dinner dates. We have local and international cuisines accompanied by Premium brand drinks. These eateries include the John Howie Steak, Seastar Restaurant, and Raw Bar.

Poo Poo Point

This location in the downtown area presents a perfect opportunity to enjoy the splendid views of the surrounding. People love paragliding in this spot. We provide video footage for visitors while on the go for them to keep memories.

Take a Day Trip to Seattle

Seattle City is a few miles away from Bellevue. Thus, people travel to this city and experience the cultural capital of the Northwest. It has attractive beaches to cool off during summer. Other iconic spots include the Pike Place Market. We offer plenty of accommodation for tourists who love night trips.

Bellevue Square

Shopping enthusiasts are not left out. The square has over 200 retail stores where locals shop at affordable rates. Additionally, it has numerous restaurants with delicious meals and entertainment. There is ample parking space that accommodates approximately 12000 vehicles. Kids are sure to have a great time since there is a kids’ play area.

KidsQuest Children's Museum

Our children don’t get bored after school or during holidays. They visit the KidsQuest museum for recreational educative activities that help their young minds thrive. These activities include free art programs, summer camps, and early learning classes. The museum is ideal for kids ages 0 to 10 years and has programs suitable for each age bracket.

Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park

The wildland provides enough space for individuals to tour the Southeast region. It was mainly established to protect the core of Mount Cougar. This wild area has several well-maintained trails to facilitate hiking. Unfortunately, bike riding isn’t allowed, but tourists enjoy horse riding along the trails.

Mercer Slough Nature Park

It’s Bellevue’s largest city park and Washington’s remaining wetland. The park has several plant varieties and abundant water sources where residents enjoy biking, hiking, and canoeing. We also offer education programs since the area is a wildlife habitat. The programs are made to create awareness of the importance of protecting wild animals.

Bellevue Botanical Garden

The plantation covers over 53 acres of cultivated land. The garden has natural woodlands and restored wetlands. Thus, it’s a masterpiece of landscaping and horticulture. Tourists and natives come here to learn more about various plant varieties and how to care for the environment. It opens daily from morning till evening and offers free entrance.

Chism Beach Park

It provides incredible dock, picnic, and play areas. Also, it’s more extensive for residents to conduct lovely beach weddings and other group events. For safety, we have lifeguards on the seashore. They provide lives by lowering the drowning rates and help prevent injuries in the recreational area.
Bellevue is an appropriate location for individuals relocating to Washington. It has all the amenities for comfortable work life. There are also leisure activities to disconnect people from routine activities.