Plan your Trip

Are you looking to escape to a city where the extraordinary is around every corner?

If so, planning a trip to Bellevue should be your number 1 priority. There’s really no place quite like here.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you plan your adventure.

Leave plenty of time

Bellevue isn’t a city you can soak up in one or two days. We recommend at least 3-5 days to explore this beautiful area. Isn’t it the worst when you look back on a vacation and feel bummed that you couldn’t get to everything? We want to help you avoid that at all costs. This site has plenty of resources and guides to help you find the most fulfilling activities for you.
We recommend experiencing a bit of everything that Bellevue has to offer. Pick a theme for each day of your visit. Maybe one day is filled with shopping and browsing the local scene. Bellevue is home to many artisans whose crafts and passions are best experienced up close and personal.
If high-end experiences are what you’re after, you’ll find them here as well. Couture, bespoke shopping and artistic performances that take your breath away aren’t difficult to find in this wonderful city.
The next day, you may want to take in the natural beauty of western Washington. Bellevue contains a multitude of hiking and biking trails that will leave you awe-inspired. Even if the great outdoors aren’t quite your style, Bellevue has many city parks that still provide amazing views of nature and the cityscape.

Figure out if you want to stay in the city or strike out for adventure

The great thing about Bellevue is its location. The fact that it’s close to Seattle means there’s a unique and vibrant city life. The city life is diverse, but not so crowded that you’ll have trouble navigating.
You’ll have access to YOUR perfect style of vacation. If that means trying new things in a new city, you’ll find it. If your definition of a perfect vacation means taking in live performances, you’ll find them, too. And even if your ideal get away literally means getting away, Bellevue provides a launching pad to your favorite outdoor activities.
The mountains of western Washington like Mt. Rainier are calling. The waters of Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish beautifully surround the city. We’re telling you, planning a trip to Bellevue will be one of the most rewarding decisions you make all year!

Know you can come back

Bellevue isn’t going anywhere. This gem of a city will always be there for you to enjoy time and time again. As the area grows, more unique and entertaining opportunities will arise. A trip to Bellevue simply sparks something magical within people.
If you’re ready to be inspired, make sure you plan your trip to Bellevue. There’s so much to do. The only regret you’ll have is that you couldn’t stay longer. That’s why we want you to know you can always return. You’ll be welcomed with open arms!